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What has been done so far?

  • The Euro RGB appointed a Crisis Management team coordinator, Sukanti Radha dd, a crisis management professional
  • each European GBC member appointed a crisis team coordinator for each of the European countries they are responsible for
  • communication between the crisis team coordinators was established and vital information and support exchanged
  • communication was established with the Ukrainian Yatra authorities and through them the Ukrainian devotees, where information on how they can contact us if they cross the border into other European countries

As 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees flooded westwards into Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, many hundreds of them were devotees, mainly women and children.
Each yatra crisis team immediately responded to the situation happening on the ground in their yatra - here is what they established:

  • coordinators gathered a list of temporary and/or long term accommodation in their yatra
  • engaged local devotees who could assist in various ways
  • connected with arriving Ukrainian devotees, arranged to pick them up from the border or from train stations and took them to their accommodation
  • helped with food, translating, daily needs, medicine, connecting with family and friends, emotional and spiritual support
  • helped with registering them as refugees in the country they arrived in
  • helped to explore options for longer term living
  • FFL initiates were set up to help feed the non devotee refugees on
    the Ukraine border. Devotees from Hungary distributed food at border check points, trains stations and refugee camps. Devotees from Poland distributed food to refugees arriving in Warsaw by train.

What kind of help is needed? How can I help?

Devotees that have fled Ukraine are in need of help - they arrived with literally nothing.
In order to help them restart their lives, offer temporary accommodation and basic needs, there are costs involved - your help is needed.

The numbers are rising daily, but at the time of writing (22nd March 2022), the number of Ukrainian devotees who have entered other European countries fleeing the conflict:

  • Poland:  800 presently in the country, with another 300 that stayed for a short while and then transited to other countries
  • Slovakia: no devotees presently in the country due to lack of facility, but the yatra had helped 30-40 with temporary accommodation and transit
  • Hungary: 80 presently in the country, with another 50 that were helped with temporary accommodation and transit
  • Bulgaria:  60 devotees have settled in Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic:  60 devotees have settled in the Czech Republic
  • Besides the above numbers, devotees are scattered and transiting across Europe and beyond in varying numbers to… Romania, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Finland, UK & Ireland