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The European Regional Governing Body (Euro RGB) has set up a Crisis Relief Management System for ISKCON Europe. The purpose of this system is to train and connect devotees who are designated by their local GBC as Yatra Crisis Coordinators.

This emergency relief system is set up to provide rapid assistance to devotees who find themselves in serious conflict or disaster situations.

Yatra Crisis Coordinators and the devotees they work with in their local yatra teams, offer support and care for devotees affected by specific crisis situations. Providing essential services such as safe zone evacuations, prasadam, accommodation, healthcare, translation services, emotional and spiritual support, as well as other needs and information as required.

In crisis situations they work with and support existing groups such as FFL, and other prasadam distribution services, CPO - child protection services, devotee care services, devotee news portals such as Dandavats, ISKCONews, SPT & ISKCONConnect. They also work with governmental, diplomatic and private agencies for services such as safe zone evacuation support.

As with any crisis event, a rapid reaction team is essential - in addition to funding. Please help the current active crisis events listed below by donating and spreading awareness by sharing this page & link on your social media.

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Ukraine Crisis
status: active