Iskcon Relief Core Members

The Core Committee (EC) of the Iskcon Relief is made of six members - a Chairman, secretary, Finance manager,Communications and EURO RGB Rep

Their role is:

  • 1. Chair – Praghosa dasa
  • 2. Project Co ordinator – Sukanti Radha devi dasi
  • 3. Secretary – Kamala Priya devi dasi
  • 4. Finance – Mahaprabhu dasa
  • 5. Communications – Parabhakti dasa
  • 6. EURO RGB Rep – Krishna Premarupa dasa

Our Vision

All resources are made available to us by Lord Krishna. We are ‘trustees’ of those resources. Our duty is to use those resources to serve humankind on Mother Earth. Devotee care is at the heart of our service.

Our Values

We are wholly inspired by the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Remaining deeply committed and guided by the timeless values and teachings provided by the revelations contained within the sacred Bhagavad Gita. We use those teachings as a benchmark to exemplify our actions. We work with an inclusive approach towards all people; regardless of  faith, race, gender, ethnicity, age or ability, and we partner with all those committed to improving the lives of others.

Our Commitment

Our faith encourages us to strive for excellence in all that we do. We commit to operate at all times in a way that is both legal, ethical, and professional and with sincere intentions to one and all.

What We Do

At ISKCON  Relief  we provide the basic necessities of life from Water, Food, Education, Healthcare, Psychological  & Trauma Support  and Temporary Shelter in the event of a crisis.


When a disaster happens, we are there to support our community by:

  • meeting their immediate survival needs, providing essentials including water, food, temporary shelter and healthcare
  • creating safe spaces for children
  • ensuring access to education
  • supporting the long-term recovery of our community through education & counselling.
  • ISKCON Relief Food distribution – allows us to provide nutritious healthy meals during crisis periods

We also work with our community before a disaster happens, enabling them to better prepare for and prevent future disasters, minimising damage and loss of life.Getting in contact with local authority and governments to see what help is provided and how we can assist local governmental authorities through our Karuna Care Centre .


During an emergency, children are at even greater risk of harm, trauma and exploitation. That is why we prioritise creating safe spaces where they can access education and the emotional support they need in the aftermath of a disaster. We have set up various counselling systems to help support this work.

We work closely with The Karuna Care centre in the USA to implement these programmes.